Attractive Appeal of Cosco Products 5 Piece Foldable Table and Chair Set, Tan


If you have limited space at home and yet you constantly have to entertain guests or friends who like to come by, consider having Cosco Products 5 Piece that isn’t only stylish and good looking, but also easily stored and maintained. This 5 piece set comes in a form of a folding table with four folding chairs, which are truly flexible and adjustable for safe-keeping as well as entertaining guests.


About the Cosco Products

You probably think that this set looks very simple and almost plain, but there are some attractive appealing aspects that you can see, if you want to see the items carefully. All of the items are light and compact, very ideal and suitable for easy and quick folded up and storage. When there are guests coming, you simply let them out of the closet and you are ready to entertain the guests within seconds! When the guests are going home, you simply fold them down, and off they are back again to the closet. Don’t worry about the quality of the sets as they are made of steel frames that are durable and solid, along with powder coating finish. The table has vinyl top that is easily cleaned, while the chairs are coming with upholstered fabric for the padding on the back and the seat. they are handy and very comfy.


Why Cosco?

Another reason to choose Cosco is its very affordable tag price. Originally, the set is sold for around $130, but you can get them for only $87 in several stores. The legs of the chairs and the table have rubbers tips that are designed to protect the floors. The design and the colors are simple, and yet highly stylish. If you want a simple set that can improve your interior or exterior setting without fuss or without breaking your bank, this is the right product to choose.


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