Baxton Studio Prenetta Modern Bed with Upholstered Headboard


Product Description :

Simple enough  with regard to   a good  minimalist home but still  with   many  detail,  the  Prenetta Designer Bed  offers   your own   Least difficult   connected with  both worlds.  a good  intricately-woven headboard takes  your current  cake  for this  design,  that\’ll be   created   within  Malaysia  with a  plywood  AND ALSO  hardwood frame.  an  light layer  regarding  foam  filling  topped  in  luxurious black faux leather adds  additional  style  IN ADDITION TO  comfort.  your  queen-sized platform bed frame  incorporates  wooden slats,  of which  eliminate  ones  need  intended for   a   container  spring.  ones  Prenetta Contemporary Bed requires assembly  IN ADDITION TO   is usually   very easily  cleaned  through  wiping  ones  surfaces  having a  damp cloth.


Contemporary platform bed (requires only a mattress; wooden slats included)
Plywood and hardwood frame with polyurethane foam padding
Black faux leather
Made in Malaysia

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