Classic Brands Gel Memory Foam Replacement Sofa Mattress


Product Description :

The 4.5” profile Gel Foam Sofa Mattress features Visco Elastic Memory Foam will be produced make certain the guests sleep As comfortable Just as possible after a great night from the sleeper sofa. Starting from the top layer regarding 2” breathable AND cooling gel memory foam The item functions with the support layer providing an individual because of the ultimate sleeping experience. the 2.5” support base layer continues the strength ALONG WITH effectiveness of your layers. ones 3 layers work together to bring an individual your relaxation a person crave plus the ultimate sleeping experience. ones luxurious knit cover is usually soft IN ADDITION TO silky towards touch.
Covered using a beautifully in depth matelasse knit cover for breathability, this elegant cover moves within you. your current 4 way stretch conforms to the body pertaining to comfort visiting because of the top layer of memory foam for you to optimize its contouring properties. in addition, your own tailored knit fabric promotes airflow pertaining to a good cooler night’s sleep.
Why Pick Gel Foam?
A gel memory foam sofa mattress can assist each part of the body evenly ALONG WITH individually. Ventilated Gel Memory foam slowly AND automatically adjusts to be able to your current body The strain IN ADDITION TO temperature. along with the slow, conforming response, gel memory foam gives complete, luxurious ALONG WITH stress free support. This may provide your own spine in order to stay within a neutral position. Additionally, While an individual do move within bed, memory foam gently “fills in” AND reshapes itself to your own new sleeping posture, cradling every section of the body.
About Gel Memory Foam
Gel Memory Foam is really a unique material That infuses gel particles in to visco-elastic memory foam, bringing in a plusher AS WELL AS cooler sleeping material. Gel memory foam will be added porous or even open in comparison with conventional foam meaning your cells are interconnected unlike closed cell foam; thereby can be further breathable AS WELL AS comfortable than higher density visco elastic foam. your current open-celled physical structure associated with MY PERSONAL foams can be self-ventilating. Air will be competent to travel throughout the material AS WELL AS actually dissipate body heat regulating your own body temperature. Gel Memory foam can be obviously antimicrobial AND resistant to be able to allergens, mold, bacteria ALONG WITH dust mites.
CertiPUR-US Certified Foam
The CertiPUR-US system is really a voluntary testing, analysis ALONG WITH certification system for flexible polyurethane foam used as being a cushioning material inside home furnishings including adult mattresses, crib mattresses, upholstered furniture AS WELL AS some accessory comfort products. Certified flexible polyurethane foams continues to be independently laboratory tested AND certified.
2” associated with Ventilated Gel Foam provides gel infused memory foam This disperses body heat AND creates a great cooler sleeping surface although retaining your own pressure-relieving properties regarding traditional memory foam. 2.5” involving High Density Base Foam provides comfort IN ADDITION TO assist with regard to an undisturbed night sleep. Combined through the layers of memory foam, your high density base foam lessens motion transfer for sleep partners – anyone won’t wake Whenever they do!
Mattress Dimensions
It is usually in addition wise to test ones size of your sofa bed frame you are placing the mattress in to be certain you\’re ordering the proper size.

Twin Sofa Mattress – 33″ wide x 72″ long
Full Sofa Mattress – 53″ wide x 72″ long
Queen Sofa Mattress – 58″ wide x 72″ long
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