Coaster Fine Bedding 300369ke Bed, Eastern King


Product Description

This elegant upholstered bed  will certainly   complete   an  sophisticated centerpiece  to be able to   the  contemporary  Grasp  bedroom.  the  high slightly curved headboard  AND   a great  low side  IN ADDITION TO  end rails  tend to be  covered  inside   an  lovely textural tan fabric.  your own  plush  look   is usually  sure  to be able to  complement  your current  decor, anchored  from  sleek dark wooden feet.  fill   the  bed  in order to   your own  home  to help   Develop a  calming  ALONG WITH  inviting bedroom  throughout   tons of  style.


  • High slightly curved headboard
  • Low side and end rails
  • Sleek dark wooden feet

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